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Fertility Treatments in San Diego, CA

Advanced Functional Medicine provided innovative fertility treatments to San Diego, CA families who have exhausted their options using conventional drug therapy. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates approximately one in six couples experience infertility, and by 2025, nearly 10 million couples will have trouble conceiving. Our clinic believes in addressing underlying issues and asking the most important question: Why? The simplest answer is the world has changed, exposing men and women to poor air and food quality. Add in higher stress levels than our grandparents experienced, and we have a recipe for infertility. But there’s hope in the form of effective yet non-traditional treatments. Our clinic can help, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Chart showing factors that contribute to infertility, used in fertility treatments in San Diego

Our Process Ensures Optimal Chances of Success

Poor air and food quality, high-stress levels, and other external factors cause imbalances and deficiencies in your body, lessening the chances of conception. Functional medicine is a time-tested way of restoring balance to the body and can have a dramatic impact on your fertility journey. We have seen results in 75 percent of our patients because of our comprehensive process:

  • Diagnostics: We use the best technology available to us – combined with our deep knowledge of functional medicine – to uncover the root causes of possibilities that prevent the body from conceiving. Only after determining underlying issues, or imbalances, will we develop a plan.
  • Treatment: No two patients are the same. After all, each of us is exposed to different contaminants and toxins. Our clinic excels at determining where the problem lies and finding a fix that helps you start the family you’ve always wanted.

How Functional Medicine Works

As functional medical practitioners, we believe in taking a strong holistic approach to healing and treatment. We emphasize the interconnectedness of the different systems in the body. We look at factors like genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, environment, and stress levels to develop a personalized plan designed to give you the best chance of conception. We also empower you by giving you the knowledge you need about your body and how different factors impact your fertility journey. You can place your trust in our patient-centered approach. Over the years, we have helped thousands of patients with their health concerns – including those dealing with infertility. Our experience dealing with a range of conditions, such as female health, means we are well-prepared to use our holistic tactics to help couples conceive. Contact us today.

Look Better.  Feel Better.  Function Better.