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Reversing Chronic Disease

At Advanced Functional Medicine, restoring your health is our ultimate concern. Since 2014, we have provided over 10,000 patients with individualized health care services catered to fit their needs.

Advanced Functional Medicine focuses on the root cause of your issues, instead of merely using harmful or unnecessary drugs to mask symptoms.

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Why Type 2 Diabetes is Reversible

Advanced Functional Medicine has a 96% success rate in reversing type 2 diabetes.

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Other Conditions We Help

Caring for you, naturally

Digestive Issues

Functional Medicine looks at the entire body as a whole, rather than the symptoms.  Digestive symptoms are a sign of a larger issue.  Subsequently, episodes of anxiety and depression may be experienced more frequently in patients with GI disorders.

While medications may help with your symptoms temporarily, they won't correct the bigger problem.  Many tests, such as a comprehensive stool test, nutrient deficiency testing, leaky gut, and food sensitivities can usually identify the root problem.  We have incredible success resolving GI issues.

Autoimmune Diseases

While much of the conventional treatment for autoimmune disease is aimed at relieving the pain or symptoms through immune-suppressing medications and other drugs, Functional Medicine offers an alternative to symptom suppression—by addressing the underlying mechanisms that cause autoimmunity, we can prevent, and in many cases reverse autoimmune diseases completely

Stress, Hormones, and Skin

The relationship between Stress, Hormones, and Inflammation has been studied rigorously in the past decade, with researchers finding evidence that the inflammatory pathway is pivotal in root causes of many chronic diseases.

In fact, 75% - 90% of human disease is related to stress and inflammation.  This can lead to fatigue, weight gain, skin issues like dryness, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, bloating, cognitive decline, etc.  Functional Medicine can get to the root of the problem and correct it, so symptoms subside.  You look and feel great again.

Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression

Neurotransmitters responsible for happiness, a positive mood, and sense of well-being are active in the brain as well as in the gut. Research suggests that these neurotransmitters help regulate sleep, anxiety, and depression as well as nutrient absorption, the innate immune system, and the microbiome. 

Functional Medicine helps get to the root cause of your problem through proper testing and a proper treatment plan so symptoms are relieved quickly.  We help get you back to feeling your best!  

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