How is being overweight related to Diabetes?

Over 65% of American’s are overweight, putting them at significant risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes as well as other diseases. It is the primary risk factor, after genetics, of the disease.

How does being overweight affect the body? Overeating causes the blood to carry too much sugar to the cells, which turn away the excess supply. This extra energy is stored in the body as fat, which can be used by the body later. The problem, however, is that the stored body fat is never needed. Eventually, as more sugar is consumed, the body starts to develop a natural resistance to it which is called being insulin resistant.

Once the body develops insulin resistance, the risk of becoming diabetic is higher if the steps aren't taken to improve the body's sensitivity to insulin. At some point, the body will not be able to efficiently reduce the amount of sugar in the blood through insulin, which is considered Diabetes.

Even if someone has developed Diabetes, being overweight hampers efforts to manage the disease and can lead to other diseases such as heart disease, insomnia, and high blood pressure. Just as with someone who is pre-diabetic, the excess weight increases the blood sugar level and further reduces the effectiveness of the insulin the body produces, causing the need for more insulin injections or other medications.

Losing weight helps to slow, and often, stop the progression of the disease. For many people, dropping just as few as five pounds causes a significant difference in the level of blood sugar. That amount is not enough though. The goal for anyone looking to manage or prevent diabetes is to maintain healthy body weight.

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