Inflammation Complicates Type 2 Diabetes

The relationship between diabetes and inflammation has been one that has kept doctors and researchers guessing for years. Some believe that inflammation is a large factor in the development of Type 2 Diabetes. What is certain to doctors, however, is that inflammation affects Type 2 Diabetes, which can lead to more complications in the future. You may be familiar with inflamed cuts or sprains, but with diabetes, the inflammation is deep inside the body.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s natural way to fight infection. It allows for the delivery of more red and white blood vessels to help the body heal. This process for most injuries or infections leads to pain, making the inflamed area noticeable like with an ear ache or sinus infection. After the infection or injury heals, the body will stop the inflammation process with the swelling and pain decreasing. But, for people with diabetes, the body’s response to inflammation is overactive. It does not always slow down properly.

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Causes of Diabetic Inflammation

Doctors aren?t sure what causes of diabetic. We do know that insulin resistance causes inflammation, and so does obesity. Researchers are trying to determine which one contributes to the overactive response. Excess belly fat causes fat to also build on the major organs such as the liver. When this build up occurs, the body sometimes responds with chemicals that lead to inflammation.

Effects of Inflammation on Diabetes

For those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic, being overweight is typically the link between the two. Scientists believe that those with Type 2 Diabetes have a higher level of inflammatory chemicals in their fat tissue. Doctors believe this problem is a result of inactivity and obesity.

The complications arise in the fact that diabetes already hardens the blood vessels, and as chronic inflammation damages the arteries, the hardening of the arteries will happen faster, resulting in more diabetic related complications in body parts such as the eyes and kidneys.

How to Reverse Inflammation

As someone who is pre-diabetic or has Type 2 Diabetes, you should already be managing the disease through exercise and diet. These same things will help to reduce the inflammation in your body. It also helps cells in the muscles to accept and use insulin properly. The following can help you reduce inflammation:

* Walk 30 Minutes A Day

* Aerobic Exercise

* Lose Weight

* Eat a Diet Rich in Healthy Fats Like Omega-3 Fatty Acids

* Eat More Avocados or Walnuts, which Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties

* Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

* Avoid Eating Trans Fats

* Avoid Eating Red Meat, Margarine or Vegetable Shortening

* Avoid High-Fat Dairy Products

Seek Advice from Medical Professionals

It is best to speak with your doctor or another medical professional to help you manage your diabetes. You don?t have to manage your diabetes alone. Let us help you create a management plan to help you control and possible reverse your Type 2 Diabetes. We will help you develop a plan to reduce inflammation and help you control your diabetes. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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