What Are the Causes of Type 2 Diabetes?

For some people, when they think of Diabetes, they think of it as one disease. However, it is really three separate, yet related, diseases: Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is the most common of the three and the one that most people are at risk of developing. When someone faces a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, it means that the body is not using insulin properly due to insulin resistance. At first, the body will produce more insulin to compensate, but as the disease progresses, the body is not able to counter the effects, causing the blood sugar levels in the blood to rise. Those who have high blood sugar levels, but are not quite high enough to be considered diabetic, are considered to be prediabetic, meaning insulin resistance is occurring.

The exact causes are not known, but most doctors associate only two risk factors with the disease: being overweight and family history. For those who have an immediate family member, such as a mother or father, diagnosed with Diabetes, the risk for that person developing the disease is higher.

The relationship with being overweight and developing the disease is more known. Carrying excess weight and over eating are related to the development of insulin resistance. When you eat high carbohydrate foods, the glucose levels in your blood rise, eventually leading to insulin resistance. Avoiding these foods helps to maintain a healthy weight and low blood sugar levels. As we mentioned, most doctors stop at the disease being either genetic-related or through diet and obesity. Advanced Functional Medicine takes a deeper dive with a series of medical tests to find the root cause of your Type 2 Diabetes. Once our doctors have isolated a root cause of your Type 2 Diabetes, Advanced Functional Medicine will guide you in life changes to help you control or eliminate your Type 2 Diabetes.

Advanced Functional Medicine offers a whole new way to understand and look at chronic illnesses from diabetes to heart disease; autoimmune disease to fibromyalgia; thyroid to anxiety, and more. Dr. Matthew Willis, DC, DABCI and Dr. Sonia Mohan, MD are dedicated to treating the root causes of chronic disease by using the dynamic model of Functional Medicine which has been transforming the way healthcare is practiced. Using the latest scientific research to diagnose and formulate a customized treatment plan for each individual patient it will help reverse chronic disease and eliminate the need for dangerous or unnecessary drug or surgical interventions. You can find out more information by going to http://www.AdvFunctionalMedicine.com.

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