Diabetes Information

Type II Diabetes

Advanced Functional Medicine has extensive experience and success in resolving blood sugar issues in Type II Diabetics.
Many of our patients experience increased energy and mental clarity, lose weight without exercise or complex diets, and regain quality of life. Most patients are able to reduce and eliminate the need for multiple medications and insulin, and reduce and eliminate the risk for diabetic complications, and even have the ability to become clinically NON-DIABETIC.

Diabetes Overview

Diabetes is a growing problem in the U.S. primarily due to such things as reactive foods, nutrient deficiencies, lack of proper diagnosis, and diabetic drug therapies that promote further insulin resistance, which can result in dependence on more and more medications.

Diabetes is a massive contributor to vascular degeneration:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Alzheimer's disease (now called type 3 diabetes)
Type II Diabetes has an annual cost of over $218 billion per year in treatment and prescription drug cost (American Diabetes Association). It is forecasted that 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes by the end of this decade.​

Some have predicted that the diabetic epidemic will bankrupt the national healthcare system.​

Diabetes is also the
leading cause of:

  • Blindness
  • Neuropathy
  • Amputations
  • Kidney failure

Is the conventional treatment model working for you?​

Advanced Functional Medicine has experienced that patients are commonly misinformed as to all of their treatment options. We are a dedicated group of practitioners delivering the latest advances in the scientific research shown to reverse or eliminate many chronic diseases.​

Type II Diabetes can really dominate and shorten your life. Worrying about diet, blood sugar, insulin injections, excessive meds for blood pressure, cholesterol and more is not the quality of life many people want to have.

The big question is: Are your current treatments or medications restoring your health? If the answer is NO or if you have been getting worse not better, then you are likely feeling worn out and frustrated. You're not alone. Advanced Functional Medicine has helped many diabetic sufferers get out of these scenarios that they have been struggling with. ​

Why are you given more and more medications?

The more insulin you secrete, the more insulin resistant you become. Insulin injections and many oral diabetic medications induce insulin surges, which in turn have the ability to make you more insulin resistant (more diabetic) and dependent upon more and more medications.​

These Excessive Insulin Surges Can Cause:

  • 1
    High Cholesterol:

    Insulin tells your liver to make more cholesterol. Elevated insulin leads to elevated cholesterol, which can cause atherosclerosis, causing heart disease and stroke.​​

  • 2
    High Blood Pressure:

    Insulin raises your blood pressure by increasing sodium retention. Many diabetics also have high blood pressure as a result of insulin issues. High blood pressure also contributes to heart disease and stroke.​

  • 3
    Fatty Liver Disease:

    Insulin keeps your liver from being able to detoxify properly. Your liver is like your body’s oil filter. Your liver takes the trash and sludge out of your blood, but it can’t do it’s job when insulin and blood sugar are constantly elevated.

  • 4

    Insulin promotes inflammation, the very thing that causes insulin resistance. Inflammation can promote joint pain, cardiovascular disease, fluid retention, organ damage, and weight gain to name a few.

  • 5
    Female Hormone Issues:

    High insulin levels in women cause them to make more testosterone. Symptoms include; polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS, hair thinning or unwanted facial hair. Insulin can also affect the distribution of weight causing weight gain in the mid section. ​

  • 6
    Male Hormone Issues:

    Men end up with higher levels of estrogen when they have higher levels of insulin. This can contribute to breast enlargement and prostate issues with men, along with other things like erectile dysfunction, loss of sex drive, and loss of motivation.​

  • 7

    Cancer is more common in those with diabetes. Insulin promotes cell division and therefore also accelerates the aging process and cancer cell division.​

  • 8

    Diabetes promotes weight-gain because insulin is a fat storage hormone. When insulin can no longer drive sugar into cells to make energy, its job is then to store that sugar as fat.


A New Paradigm

​It becomes quite clear the amount of devastation that can be caused by diabetes. The drug interventions ​ to address all the concerns listed above are largely ignoring the root cause, and can often perpetuate the worsening of the disease.

The good news is there are advances in diagnosis & research that allow us to identify why this is happening. Nobody just simply ‘gets’ high blood sugar and diabetes; there is a cause or a mechanism in the body that is allowing the unbalances & dysregulation of blood sugar to occur.

With functional medicine we can now address the underlying causes, not just mask the symptoms with drugs that can be life-shortening. So conditions such as elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, hormonal issues, obesity, excessive medications & insulin, for many become a thing of the past.


Our Goal:

Identify and treat the underlying causes that have allowed the blood sugar to become unregulated & resolve the blood sugar problem. To gain the ability to lose weight without exercise and complex diets by customizing a plan based on your individual lab results. Reduce and eliminate the need for many medications, and eliminate risks for life shortening diabetic complications. To regain quality of life by adding good, healthy years.

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